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Wave propagation can be manipulated at a deep subwavelength scale through the locally resonant metamaterial that possesses unusual effective material properties. Hyperlens due to metamaterial's anomalous anisotropy can lead to superior-resolution imaging. In this paper, a single-phase elastic metamaterial with strongly anisotropic effective mass density has been designed. The proposed metamaterial utilizes the independently adjustable locally resonant motions of the subwavelength-scale microstructures along the two principal directions. High anisotropy in the effective mass densities obtained by the numerical-based effective medium theory can be found and even have opposite signs. For practical applications, shunted piezoelectric elements are introduced into the microstructure to tailor the effective mass density in a broad frequency range. Finally, to validate the design, an elastic hyperlens made of the single-phase hyperbolic metamaterial is proposed with subwavelength longitudinal wave imaging illustrated numerically. The proposed single-phase hyperbolic metamaterial has many promising applications for high resolution damage imaging in nondestructive evaluation and structural health monitoring.


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