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Since conventional silencers in acoustic ducts have problems of size limitations at low frequencies and being prone to high backpressure, locally resonant aluminum patches are introduced in acoustic duct walls aiming at creating frequency stop bands in the low frequency region (below 1 KHz). With these flush mounted patches, promising noise reductions, with no such drawbacks, can be obtained, building on local resonance phenomenon implemented in acoustic metamaterials techniques. The objective of the current paper is to experimentally validate the performance of an array of flexible side-wall-mounted patches inside ducts. The experimental results are compared with Analytical Green's function method as well as Numerical Finite Element Method and a close agreement was found. The results show that the presence of the patches singly or periodically can play a prominent role in designing any acoustic bandgap materials. The effect of the arrays of patches on the effective dynamic density and bulk modulus has also been investigated.


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