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About NOISE Control

In the introductory editorial in the first issue of NOISE Control, the ASA President wrote: "The Acoustical Society of America takes pleasure in presenting the first issue of its new publication, NOISE Control. It is the hope of the Society that NOISE Control will fill the needs of all those to whom noise presents practical problems. The magazine is directed to the reader who needs to know about noise control--whether an engineer, the manager of a factory, an audiologist, or an architect."

The magazine covered all aspects of noise and its control and included articles, books reviews, news, new products. The full articles have been posted individually and are searchable; each issue may also be downloaded in its entirety (links to the full PDF may be found on the Table of Contents of each issue).

Noise Control is provided as a bonus publication to ASA members and subscribers to the Journal of the Acoustical Society of America.

In 1962, NOISE Control was replaced by the magazine, SOUND: Its Uses and Control.

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