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Up to two layers of epitaxialgraphene have been grown on the Si-face of 2 in. SiC wafers exhibiting room-temperature Hall mobilities up to , measured from ungated, large, Hall bars, and up to , from top-gated, small, Hall bars. The growth process involved a combination of a cleaning step of the SiC in a Si-containing gas, followed by an annealing step in argon for epitaxialgraphene formation. The structure and morphology of this graphene has been characterized using atomic force microscopy, high resolution transmission electron microscopy, and Raman spectroscopy. Furthermore, top-gated radio frequency field-effect transistors (rf-FETs) with a peak cutoff frequency of 100 GHz for a gate length of 240 nm were fabricated using epitaxialgraphenegrown on the Si-face of SiC that exhibited Hall mobilities up to from ungated Hall bars and from top-gated ones. This is by far the highest cutoff frequency measured from any kind of graphene.


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