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Book Review of “An American Scientist: The Autobiography by Gabor A. Somorjai with Mitch Jacoby”

Archway Publishing 2013
Review by Charles T. Campbell

Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology B Announces Special Issue on High-k Dielectrics

Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology is soliciting research articles for publication in a Special May/June 2014 Issue on high-k dielectrics.

This Special Issue will be dedicated to the science and technology of high-k dielectrics. Research articles based on material presented during the 60th AVS Symposium Electronic Material Sessions are especially welcome. However, the special issue will be open to all articles on the science and technology of high-k dielectrics even if they were not presented at this conference.

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Manuscript deadline: December 2, 2013

SUBMIT MANUSCRIPT: http://jvstb.peerx-press.org

JVST Writers Workshop Webinar

Check out JVST Editor-in-Chief, Eray Aydil's webinar where he explains:

  • How the technical publication process works.
  • What editors look for in a quality submission.
  • Suggestions on getting published.

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