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The 12 tables that follow are the result of the hard work of the Ad Hoc Committee on Official Nomenclature and Symbols (John M. Dealy, Chair; Jeffrey Morris, Faith Morrison, and Dimitris Vlassopoulos) that was appointed by The Society of Rheology Executive Committee in 2012. The last major revision was done in 1984; this supersedes all prior versions, including the one published on pp. 253–265 of volume 39 of this journal in 1995. In the course of their work, the committee consulted numerous prominent rheologists working in specialized areas of rheology. These tables of Official Nomenclature and Symbols were approved for distribution here and online by The Society of Rheology Executive Committee in February 2013.

Click here for the full pdf - J. Rheol. 57, 1047 (2013)

To download a PDF of each table, simply click on the desired table.

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