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AIP Publishing uses cookies, which are plain text files that are placed on your computer when you first visit a webpage. Cookies allow you to move through the site more smoothly and enhance your user experience by making it more seamless.

There are several types of cookies, each serving a different purpose. AIPP uses the following types of cookies:

Session cookies

Session cookies are designed so that once you close your browser, the cookie will simply terminate. They help you navigate the site by acting like placeholders or bookmarks to temporarily store information. Session cookies assist you in performing functions such as filling your shopping cart.

Persistent cookies

Persistent cookies are permanent, meaning they remain on your computer after you terminate your session. Your ability to customize settings based on your own preferences is dependent on persistent cookies. Each time you return to our site, through the use of persistent cookies, your preferences are retained so you don’t have to re-enter the same information again. In this way AIPP is able to tailor our site to meet your needs.

Third-party cookies

AIP Publishing uses third-party cookies to enable our trusted partners to bring increased functionality to our site. Use of third-party cookies assists us in creating a profile of you as a user. For example, AIPP has partnered with a service that allows for the collection of usage data for our own marketing purposes. The information we obtain may be used to offer you assistance, to help us make improvements to the website, or to send you special offers that relate to the content you’ve viewed. No personal data is collected, and we do not sell the information we collect to others.

You can control what types of cookies you wish to allow through the settings in your browser. You have the option of deleting or disabling cookies, however, if you do so, you won’t obtain the optimum benefit of the site’s functionality or be able to access all of its content.

More information about the nature of cookies and how they work may be found at

Last updated: December 2014

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