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Permitted and Prohibited Uses of Scitation's Online Journals

Rights and Permissions
Scitation Institutional Single-Site User License
Scitation Individual User License

Permitted Use

The Subscriber and Authorized Users are permitted online access to Scitation and the Online Journals to which they maintain a valid current subscription, and may download, save, or print text, search results, or other information from Scitation solely for the private use or research of the Subscriber and the Authorized Users. The Subscriber and Authorized Users may only use this online access in a way that conforms to all applicable laws and regulations.

The copyright owner of each Online Journal grants the Subscriber and Authorized Users permission for brief quotations from the content of Online Journal articles with the customary acknowledgment of the source, and to copy and transmit content from individual Online Journal articles in "person-to-person" and non-systematic scholarly exchanges of information between Authorized Users and specific individuals.

The Subscriber specifically agrees that use by the Subscriber or Authorized Users other than indicated above is a violation of the terms of this License.

Interlibrary loan: AIP-prepared electronic article files may not be transmitted in their original digital form to any other institution or to a non-Authorized user. A hard copy printed from the electronic files of the journal(s) may be supplied to another institution by mail or fax or secure transmission using Ariel or its equivalent, whereby the electronic file is deleted immediately after printing, provided the institution is not-for-profit and within the same country as the Subscriber. The supply of such copies must conform to CONTU guidelines or similar restrictions to "fair use" provisions under copyright law.

Prohibitions on Certain Uses

Altering, recompiling, systematic or programmatic copying, reselling, redistributing, publishing or republishing (beyond the brief quotations permitted under Section 4 of the Scitation User License) of any journal text, output, search results, or other information from Scitation, or any portion thereof, including without limitation, copyright, proprietary and/or other legal notices contained therein, in any form or medium is prohibited. Systematic or programmatic downloading (e.g., the use of automated "robots" or otherwise downloading or attempting to download in a short time period large amounts of subscribed-to or unsubscribed-to Scitation material such as all abstracts and/or full text articles from entire journal issues or extensive search results), service bureau redistribution services, printing for fee-for-service purposes and/or the systematic making of print or electronic copies for transmission to non-subscribers or non-subscribing institutions are prohibited. For example, the use of the online journals for document delivery services other than "interlibrary loan," as described in Section 4 of the Scitation User License, is prohibited. Downloading portions of Scitation or Online Journals for the purpose of creating pre-loaded systematic and persistent local copies (not including transient, dynamic caches of individually requested material) for redistribution is prohibited. All rights not expressly granted are reserved to the stated copyright holder of the Online Journal. The Subscriber and Authorized Users may not circumvent AIP's access control systems or use AIP's systems or services to make any attempt to gain unauthorized access to any other system or network.

AIP shall not be required to distribute, and Subscriber shall not redistribute, Scitation or any Online Journal included therein to a country where the export thereof is prohibited by U.S. law or regulation

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